Euro 2016
The misconduct of the fans during the England vs Russia game has left UEFA disappointed. Pictured: Fans at full time after England vs Russia at Stade Velodrome in Marseille on June 11, 2016.Reuters

The Russian fans and the England supporters got involved in a nasty fracas at the end of the Group B match between England and Russia at the Stade Velodrome in Marseillie on Saturday. As a result, UEFA has issued a public warning that if the fans of these two nations get involved in further violence, both teams could be thrown out of Euro 2016.

However, the England FA have not been charged with anything as of yet, by UEFA. But, Russia were charged over the crowd disturbances, racist behaviour and letting off fireworks at the stadium in Marseille.

UEFA had immediately asked the executive committee to take a note of the incident and start an inquiry. The result of the inquiry is slated to be announced on Tuesday.

The executive commmitte of UEFA stated that it will not think twice before disqualifying England and Russia from Euro 2016, if their fans get involved in any such activities during the tournament.  

"It will not hesitate to impose additional sanctions on the Football Association (FA) and the Russian Football Union (RFU), including the potential disqualification of their respective teams from the tournament, should such violence occur again," the executive committee was quoted as saying by AFP.

The fight was not restricted to inside the stadium, as it took a bigger form and spread across the city of Marseille. A number of people were injured during the altercations.

Russia are scheduled to play Slovakia in Lille on Wednesday and England will face Wales in Lens on Thursday.