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Tom Brady might have lost his jersey on Super Bowl 51 night in Texas, but he definitely made a 20-year-old student in Missouri the happiest person in the world by giving him a chance to go on a date with tennis glamour queen Eugenie Bouchard.

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Now that the 22-year-old Canadian cutie has given her word, Bouchard, who is fondly called Genie, by her fans, wants the twitter user, whose name is John Goehrke, to be a gentleman during the date and also make it a fun affair!

Genie is also offering to fly Goehrke to one of her upcoming WTA tournaments. The date and time of the date, however, is not revealed as yet. 

"It's fun and I'm going to follow through with it, because I want to honor my word," Genie said in an interview with Canadian sports outlet TSN. "It's just fun to have interactions like that with your fans. Like I said, I was so confident, but I think I was too confident. I just tempted fate a little bit too much. Yeah, here is my punishment.

"You know what? I'll fly him out [to a tournament]," she added, "but besides that he has to be the gentleman and, you know, organize a fun date night."

Thanks to the New England Patriots' outstanding comeback during the Super Bowl 51 that amazing things have taken place. Bouchard lost her bet to Tom Brady and posted a tweet expressing regret, following the game.

Goehrke, meanwhile, is on cloud nine since Sunday night and is awestruck with the attention he is receiving at the moment from everyone...on social media as well as in real life!

"I've been a big fan of hers for a couple of years now and I was going through Twitter and it was only the second quarter [of the match] when I saw her tweet," Goehrke told Kansas City Star. "I just thought to myself it's not over. That idea kind of just popped in my head, so I went through with it.

"I thought maybe there was a chance she would respond, but I thought there was no chance she'd actually agree to it."

It is highly possible that the date night could take place in Miami during the last week of March. Goehrke could not only enjoy the spring break of the University of Missouri from March 25 to April 2 but also make time to witness Genie in action at the Miami Open, scheduled between March 20 and April 2.