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Eugenie Bouchard may not have achieved great things with her tennis, but she definitely is one of the hottest stars in the game at the moment. On court, more than her game, her drop-dead looks do the talking.

For instance, Bouchard, 22, was lethal in the initial rounds of the Australian Open 2017 as she dominated her first two matches, winning in straight sets...however, her crop-top remained the major talking point of her Australian Open 2017 campaign.

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On Sunday, something incredible happened! Much to the shock of her almost one million followers on Twitter, Bouchard -- who is fondly called Genie by her fans -- agreed to go on a date with a random user! Talk about getting lucky.

Sunday was Super Bowl LI night...and if we look at tradition, strange and unique things have happened during the Super Bowl over the years.

What just happened? How? When...

Bouchard, who has been winning hearts with her looks, happens to be a New England Patriots fan. After the first half of the match saw Atlanta Falcons taking all the glory, she decided to take a gamble: To accept a date from a random user if New England Patriots did manage to make a comeback.

Call it fate or whatever you like, we all know what happened: One of the most inspiring comebacks in Super Bowl history. The NFL's Patriots did comeback to win the Vince Lombardi trophy...but there was also someone who got lucky and achieved something unbelievable -- a DATE with Eugenie Bouchard!

Okay, now what?

Genie has asked for the address of the Twitter user who goes by the name TW1 and looks like a major Tiger Woods fan.

She FINALLY broke her silence and has mentioned, "I will do it [the date], I stay true to my word!"

Glimpses from start of the conversation

Will the date eventually take place? Will Genie live up to her word? Will TW1 become the most envied man in the world? 

Answers we can't wait to find out!

Meanwhile, these...

Holding the essentials: coconut & doritos

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