Ritam Gupta

Dubai-based blockchain entrepreneur Ritam is the CEO and founder of two companies, DeFi11 and Nonceblox Private Limited. He has experience in team leadership and management, strategy, operations, enterprise architecture, and delivery management, software development and technology consultant.

His journey from developer to company founder is interesting. Someone must have encouraged him to achieve such great heights in his work, one may believe. That, however, is not the case. he admits that he didn't have any role models in his life.

"It may come across as dramatic, but I don't look to anyone for inspiration or role models. I believe that everyone's life is unique and that there is no need to look up to someone for motivation or inspiration. Rather, to accomplish and do something that motivates others to work and make life worthwhile," he says.

Without trials, no journey is complete. There were days when he didn't receive the results he wanted, just like there were days when got the outcomes he wanted. He never allowed it to impact his work. "I've had to overcome numerous obstacles. But I'd rather keep it to myself than discuss it. I believe we should place a greater emphasis on understanding the difficulties and finding solutions, as every chance will aid us in achieving our objectives."

Everyone needs motivation in life to keep going on. The entrepreneur who wants to keep attaining all his goals also needs the motivation to get his work done. About the same, he states, "Because of my unusual career path, I feel that SkillSet and talent should always be the most important qualities to seek for in a person."

About his company's success, he shares, "DeFi11 will soon become the world's largest decentralized gaming platform, based on the Matic Blockchain and Ethereum as the foundation layer."