Mars City

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mars Anomalies and Beyond' has uploaded a video which shows some enhanced Martian images that features city-like structures and vehicles. The conspiracy theory channel also alleges that NASA is actually editing Martian images to block out images of cities in the Red Planet featured in the background.

"The question is, what did his photo enhancing software uncover? Did it find something that NASA was hiding in the background of the photo as they always do in the Martian photos? Is this a city in the background or simple photo artifacts? In my opinion, I believe we are seeing a city. There is no way to clarify this so it is pure speculation but I think it is wild that if these are in fact vehicles, it wouldn't surprise me if these were some kind of structures behind it" said the video uploader.

Even though the conspiracy theory channel failed to provide more pieces of evidence to substantiate his views, some of the viewers seem pretty much convinced about the authenticity of the clip.

"It would be interesting to see more of these enhanced photos from the same area but different location. Then compare the findings," commented Doom Punk, a YouTube user.

"Those are vehicles and structures in the background. I don't envy the humanoids OR other alien beings that call mars home. It looks like the Martians got a VERY hard knock life indeed," commented Mike Watkins, another YouTuber.

Some viewers alleged NASA for covering up facts about alien life. As per these alien buffs, the United States space agency is intentionally covering up various mindblowing realities about extraterrestrial existence fearing public panic.

However, most people are not that convinced about the arguments put forward by the conspiracy theory channel, and they make it clear that it is the peculiar capability of the human brain named pareidolia which is resulting in this visual hallucination. Experts describe pareidolia as the capability of the human brain to form a recognizable pattern or image on unknown objects.