There is no dearth of bold claims made by Pakistan cricketers and in a recent interview, Mohammad Irfan, the left-arm fast-bowler who was known more for his height has claimed that he ended Gautam Gambhir's white-ball career.

Speaking in a recent interview, Irfan recalled how Gautam Gambhir's distinct discomfort while facing him during the 2012 bilateral series and this, as per him, literally finished his white-ball career. Standing tall at 7ft 1 inch, Irfan dismissed Gambhir four times during that limited-overs series (T20s and ODIs). Interestingly, Gambhir went on to play only one more white-ball series for India (against England) before being dropped for good.

Recalls the 2012 India vs Pakistan series

Gautam Gambhir
Gautam GambhirReuters

"When I played against India, they were not comfortable batting against me. Some of them told me in the 2012 series in India that they couldn't sight my ball properly because of my height and also didn't read my pace," Irfan told the 'Samaa' channel.

"He (Gambhir) didn't like to face me in a match or when both teams had nets, I always felt he avoided eye to eye contact with me. I remember I got him out four times in 2012 limited over series and he was unnerved against me," Irfan goes on to add.

The left-hander played his last T20 for India against Pakistan at Ahmedabad in that particular series.

Yuvraj hits out at critics
Yuvraj Singh.Reuters.

Recalling another anecdote, Irfan said that he even surprised Virat Kohli with his pace and how Yuvraj Singh was trying to guide Kohli when he was facing the tall fast-bowler. The fast-bowler said that Kohli had conceded that he had troubles facing him owing to his steep bounce and speed.

"Yuvraj (Singh), who was at the other end told him in Punjabi. Don't try to pull him, rather try to cut him. Off my third ball, he went for a pull and was caught behind. Yuvi Paji told him... now go back," Irfan recalled.

Gambhir, who is now a member of Parliament, has often spoken in the past about India-Pakistan relationship. He spoke about his tiff with Shahid Afridi and claimed that their animosity was quite personal and it continued for a long time.

"Some fights do get personal and there is nothing wrong with that. It has been like that for a very long time. Sometimes it is nice to get personal with someone," he told Indian Express.