While the entire world is battling coronavirus, Huawei went ahead and offered a much-needed distraction by launching the P40 series. We listed out the most loveable aspects of the P40 Pro+ in a recent post, but the software in the new phones is also worth some attention. EMUI 10.1 will soon roll out to other Huawei smartphones, but here's what's new in the software.

Huawei said that the EMUI 10.1 will be rolled out to over 30 Huawei smartphones, including the recent Mate 30 series, Mate X and P30 series. While the exact details on when the software roll out will commence and the complete list of eligible smartphones remain undisclosed at this moment, the company has ousted the entire EMUI 10.1 feature list.

EMUI 10.1 features

Huawei has built upon the EMUI 10 to bring EMUI 10.1 to introduce some new features users might love. From little things like friction-slide effect animations to new video-calling app, the EMUI 10.1 is bound to bring exciting changes to existing phones.

Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P40 ProHuawei

Animations: Scrolling animations now slow down before coming to a natural stop, floating window allows users to perform basic tasks without exiting full-screen.

Huawei MeeTime: As the world is facing a lockdown amid coronavirus crisis, Huawei introduced MeeTime video calling app, which supports Full HD video calls between Huawei devices, sharing screens during a call, brightness enhancements, beautification algorithms and more.

Huawei MeeTime
Huawei MeeTimeHuawei

Huawei Share: We used Huawei Share and it works flawlessly between Huawei devices, but now the file-sharing feature supports third-party products such as Cewe to print photos with ease.

Celia: Like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, Celia is Huawei's own digital voice assistant. Just say "Hey Celia" and perform various tasks with voice commands. Since Huawei owns its phones inside out, Celia is deeply integrated within the system to support object identification, media playback control, text messaging, face-to-face translation, calorie scanning and more. It's still rolling out to different countries.

Huawei Celia
Huawei CeliaHuawei

Gallery: The Huawei Gallery now aggregates all media saved across different Huawei smartphones and tablets that are connected to the same WiFi and logged under the same Huawei ID. This also makes it a lot easier to search for a particular photo or video seamlessly.