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Due to a massive slump experienced by the airline industry due to coronavirus pandemic, airlines are trying all sorts of things. Airlines are leaving middle seats empty and are requiring everyone to wear masks. Health checks at terminals are mandatory and all this has been done in order to instill confidence in passengers who may be doubtful of air travel amid the global pandemic. Emirates has gone a step ahead by offering free Covid-19 insurance as it tries to get people flying again.

It is the first airline to do so. Benefits provided under the scheme are medical treatment and hotel quarantine cover and a paid funeral if someone catches coronavirus while travelling. The offer will be made available immediately and will be valid for 31 days from the start of a passenger's journey and will run until the end of October.

The announcement followed after airline carriers bore an unprecedented and hard to handle impact due to the pandemic.

Emirates Group Chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said in a statement that people want to fly as countries are slowly opening up borders but people need an assurance that nothing untoward will happen to them if they fly. Emirates is the world's biggest long-haul carrier. The cover is being given to every passenger flying to any destination with Emirates and there is no need to register.

What does it include

Medical expenses of up to €150,000 (£137,000; $176,500) will be covered under the insurance cover. Quarantining in a hotel for up to two weeks at €100 per day will be provided.

As a cost of a funeral, the cover will provide for €1,500 in the event of a passenger's death due to Covid-19.

A major slump hit the travel sector this year and people remain concerned about being hit by the coronavirus while travelling.

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Important events called off

Major events have been cancelled or postponed due to the virus, including the Olympic Games in Japan, industry conferences and music festivals. This has caused the airline industry massive losses as the industry earns when such events take place.

The virus caused almost all airlines to layoff employees or furlough tens of thousands of workers, along with cutting down the number of operational flights.