Another horrific incident of animal cruelty surfaced on social media in which a wild elephant which strayed into human habitat in Tamil Nadu was brutally killed as the burning tyre was hurled at it by the staff of a private resort in Masinagudi in Nilgiris district.

The video showed the tyre in flames being hurled from a building on the elephant, injuring its ear. Then the elephant was seen trumpeting in pain.

Elephant set ablaze with lit tyre by resort staff in Tamil Nadu, dies | Watch

The Incident

In the viral video, the elephant was seen entering a property, after which a man tried to chase the animal away with fire. He then thews a lit tyre on it, after which it went away, injured. 

The elephant was found dead near Ooty due to severe bleeding caused by a burning tyre thrown. Two days after its death, Tamil Nadu Police on Friday arrested two people in this connection. The postmortem report showed that the elephant had sustained severe injuries to its left ear, left side of its head, left front leg and trunk.

On Tuesday, the officials arranged transport to take the elephant animal way for treatment, but it died on the way, according to Mathrubhumi.

Raymond, the resort owner, and Prashant, a staffer, have been arrested. During the investigation, videos of the burning tyre being thrown at the elephant were found in their phones.

Forest officials said that it seems that the resort workers were trying to scare the elephant away by throwing something on fire towards it.

If it was a stick or some other article it would have hit the elephant and fallen. But since it was a tyre, it got stuck to the elephant's ears for much longer, leaving the elephant in trauma. Later, the elephant was found lying near a dam. The forest department veterinarians tried to revive it but in vain.

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