Elementary season 7 episode 2
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Elementary season 7 episode 2 "Gunshot" premiered in May and the chaos brought both Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson into the dangerous areas.

Unlike the season 7 premiere, the second episode started by showing the famous detectives back in the New York, United States of America, and if the episode had anything to tell, then fans realized that both the detectives are going to stay here for a very long time.

As mentioned in episode 1 "The Further Adventures," Captain Gregson was shot and throughout the second episode, he stayed in the critical condition. To him on the bed and in the state of unconsciousness worked has a troubled part of the show which viewers are going to remember for a long time.

In the hospital, we see Joan talking to Gregson's wife but the conversation does not go anywhere. Meanwhile, Sherlock is seen talking with the witness, a man who called into the police station after he found the injured captain. After having a word with him, Sherlock realizes that the captain was not coming from the prescient as they have previously thought. When he cannot come to any solid decision, he simply goes back to home.

Following that, he and Joan go over the little details and determine that Gregson was at the local baseball field. After reaching to the playing area, Sherlock finds a bullet there and then they realize that Gregson was poisoned by someone.

Captain Gregson's injury had brought both Sherlock and Watson to New York to investigate. However, due to his confession to a murder he didn't commit, Sherlock is forced to keep a low profile in town to carry on with the investigation. The episode then takes the viewers to a path of delinquent teenagers and a possible terrorist attack that might happen in later episodes. In the end, Sherlock has to surrenders himself to the authorities for the murder of Michael Rowan.

The episode also had a song "99" by Elliot Moss, which beautifully presented Sherlock Holmes' innermost feelings.

The second episode of the final season proved that we are now heading for a conclusion. As the character's journey is finally coming to an end, with each passing episode, we will find it much closer to the end.