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Elementary season 7 episode 1 reviewElementary (@elementaryofficial/instagram)

Elementary season 7 episode 1 "The Further Adventures" premiered in May and it followed the life of Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Dr Joan Watson (Lucy Liu).

The premiere episode started by showing as to how Holmes and Watson have started on an investigation about an alleged acid attack on an acclaimed model. The show took us from the Scotland Yard to the deeply hidden paths that will have a more profound meaning in the later episodes. In the episode, we also got to see how Watson is not particularly happy with her current life and what are the changes she expected from her surrounding.

As we have seen, back in Elementary season 6 episode 21, Joan has impulsively followed Sherlock to London and now as we entered season 7, we saw how confused she truly is when it comes to her own life and the decisions which she took. When it was announced that we will be seeing Sherlock back on the small screen in Elementary season 7, we first thought that the first episode will start with a bam but it beautifully reflected Joan's mood, something that was unexpected to all the fans.

The best moments of the season 7 episode 1 was when Marcus and Gregson were forced to talk to each other. Showrunner Rob Doherty revealed in one of their earlier interviews that the scene that features the attempted murder of Captain Gregson is not going to be an episodic story as it is going to stay throughout the season. Rob further added that the attempted murder of Gregson is something that would leave a mark throughout season 7 and it will open a unique and troublesome path for both Sherlock Holmes and Joan.

Fans have seen that Elementary had its ups and down — no one can forget the amazing season 1 that was applauded by everyone. The show had an emotional impact on the characters and it touched those waters which were left alone in previous adaptations. Over the years, the show had gone on a slippery floor but with season 7, it regains its boost. The first episode of season 7 didn't only how Sherlock and Joan solves a crime but also gave an insight into their lives.