Morland is determined to help Sherlock Holmes whenever he can, even though Sherlock is not very happy with his father's continuous interference. Hence, once again, Morland steps in and offers to act as Sherlock's consultant in the upcoming episode of "Elementary", titled "The Cost of Doing Business."

To watch what prompts Morland to act as one of Holmes' client and whether Holmes allows it, CLICK HERE. has mentioned the synopsis that Morland offers to act as one of Sherlock's "irregular" consultants to help his son and Joan solve a case.

Since Morland moved to New York, he has been offering help to Holmes in solving various cases, and much to Holmes' annoyance, most of the time Morland's help has benefited him.

However, this time, instead of helping him directly, Morland offers Holmes to become his consultant and assured Holmes it will help him significantly to crack the mystery this time.

In the previous episode titled "The Games Underfoot", Alfredo told Joan Holmes had been avoiding him. A case of a dead archaeologist presented new mysteries as the detectives found he was digging a landfill from the 1980s.

The man was searching for Nottingham Knights, a video game from the 1980s that was never released because of monumentally bad advance reviews. Joan told Sherlock about Alfredo, so Holmes visited and told him he needed new routines to keep up his sobriety.

When the video games turned up elsewhere, Watson went searching for another lead from the landfill and found a chemical company that had illegally dumped toxic chemicals.

The land-owner had the archaeologist killed to prevent him from revealing the chemicals and incurring cleanup costs.

Meanwhile, Sherlock realised Alfredo had been going to more meetings than usual, and the two rekindled their friendship.