In the latest episode of CBS' "Elementary", titled "The Games Underfoot", it seems Sherlock will find it hard to trust Alfredo's activities that might disturb their relationship.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Holmes and Watson's latest investigation involves the murder of an archaeologist who they think was killed by what he discovered in a local landfill during his last dig. Sherlock and Alfredo's relationship hits a rough patch.

In the previous episode titled "All My Exes Live in Essex", Sherlock and Watson investigated a missing lab technician who worked in the fertility clinic of the hospital where Watson used to work.

The woman's skeleton was found stripped and assembled as an educational tool for medical students. Meanwhile, Watson met an old friend and found that a Detective Cortez had been asking questions about her.

It turned out the victim was in a group marriage with two doctors, who revealed she was dying of pancreatic cancer. But one of her husbands had been misdiagnosing people with cancer, and she noticed when she was receiving chemo in his clinic, so he murdered her.

When Watson confronted Cortez, the woman voiced a dislike of consultants investigating cops, and suspicions about Sherlock and Watson's sudden return to the force.

Watson had a boxing match with her as a way of approaching her as an equal.

Earlier, the department investigated the murder of two men, one of whom appeared to be impersonating the other. Meanwhile, Sherlock confronted his father, Morland, about his continuing presence in New York, and agreed to help him with a "puzzle" to hasten his departure.

While Watson and Detective Bell investigated a facial recognition system that was being used to find doppelgangers, Sherlock attended a dinner party to investigate a woman who held an injunction against one of Morland's potential business ventures.

Afterwards, Morland tried to reconcile with his son, saying he intended to stay in New York indefinitely and hoped to work with Sherlock again.