Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses (Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance)  has announced that their Livestream is being made into an album called "Falling Into Focus- Live 2020". Some of the best tracks of the duo that you can look forward to are Love We Found, The Blame, Desire with Zhu, Hold Me Up, Outlier, and Ordinary Day.

Bob Moses

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance of Bob Moses opened up about their upcoming album, what kept them busy during the lockdown, if they have heard Bollywood music and a possible visit to India.

Here's everything you need to know.

Excerpts from the interview:

Bob Moses

Tell us in detail about 'Live stream that will be converted into an album?

Jimmy Vallance: Our live stream was recorded at an abandoned radio tower in Topanga Canyon, California. It was actually pretty dangerous climbing up there to play the show, but it made for some great footage! We wanted to showcase the three live iterations of Bob Moses [club set, band set & acoustic set] which is something we wouldn't get to do at a regular live show.

Bob moses

How have you kept yourself busy during the lockdown?

 Tom Howie: Rehearsing and making the live stream kept us really busy for a while. Other than that, we've just been writing as much new music as we can. Without being able to play any shows, making new music and live streaming is really all we can do.

Do you listen to Bollywood music?

 Jimmy Valance: We're not super up to date on the new stuff. The old stuff from the '70s is amazing! We even sampled a small sound from an old Bollywood record in one of our tracks. It's a different style than Bollywood, but my father had a bunch of old 70's & 80's Bhangra records that he would play when I was growing up. I always loved the rhythms.

Do you plan to play live in India?

 Tom Howie: Yes! We were meant to come this year, but the pandemic ruined our travel plans. So hopefully we can come as soon as possible once the world gets back to normal.

Any Indian singer that you like to collaborate with?

 Jimmy Valance: Jai Paul is a great artist we'd love to collaborate with. He's technically British but of Indian descent and incorporates a lot of Indian influences into his records.

Have you watched any Bollywood film?

Tom Howie: Sadly, we haven't seen enough Bollywood films to be able to give a good answer. That being said, I think we should start watching more Bollywood while we're locked down.

What more can your fans look forward to after this and any other project that you are working on currently?

 Jimmy Valance: We're going to keep streaming on Twitch every week. We're going to be making music in the studio and turn the camera on. So people can come to check that out. We've got some remixes for the "Desire" record still coming out and other than that we'll just be writing new music.

 Some of the best songs by the electronic duo, Bob Moses

A remix of their song "Tearing Me Up" by RAC won a Grammy Award for best-remixed recording, non-classical.