Bajrang Dal
Bajrang Dal leaders perform rituals to convert Muslims into Hinduism in Agra. [Representational Image]IANS Photo

Bajrang Dal's Meerut convenor Balraj Dungar, on Tuesday, said the Bangladeshi refugees are "abusing" resources of India and demanded that they either convert to Hinduism or leave the nation.

"Our first demand is that they must leave the country, as they are abusing our resources. However, if they wish to live here, they must convert to Hinduism and adapt to the ways of our life," Dungar said. 

He added that the Bangladeshis have been living in India ever since the Bangladesh war ended almost 43 years ago and now they "need to go back".

He added that if they do not wish to return to Bangladesh, they must become Hindus and "add to our strength in numbers".

However, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) organisational secretary Sudarshan Chakra does not agree with Dungar on the conversion clause as VHP wants the Bangladeshis to leave India forever.

"Our organisation's agenda does not give any respite to Bangladeshis. As per government statistics, there are around three crore Bangladeshis in India. They must all leave. There is no question of them converting to Hinduism," Chakra said.

Chakra said that the Bangladeshis staying illegally in India have snatched away Indians employment rights and it is because of them the crimes in the country have risen.

"Because of them, unemployment and crime rates have risen. They indulge in anti-national activities. Despite all that, various governments in the past have been providing them with benefits. They have ration cards and voter IDs. Nothing will legalise their stay in India. They have to go," he said.

This statement from Hindu groups comes after repeated events of religious conversions carried out by the offshoots of Bajrang Dal, RSS and by VHP itself in parts of north India. At least 200 Muslims were converted to Hinduism in Agra earlier this month.