The clash between chaat shopkeepers in UP's Baghpat is the new trend and memes on it have taken the internet and social media by storm. As netizens have closely followed the developments of the chaat fight, the release of Einstein chacha aka Harinder is now the newest meme material riding the viral wave.

Harinder was released from police custody on Tuesday and as he rode his bike back, someone made a video and gave it a hilarious twist. With the popular Khalnayak track in the background, the video shows Einstein chacha riding in style. Sadly, no helmet or face mask was used, but that didn't stop netizens from making new memes on the video.

Einstein Chacha released from police custody; rides home in style

Hilarious memes on Einstein Chacha

The latest video of Einstein Chacha, a name given to him for his hairstyle, joins the #EinsteinChacha and #chaatfight trends on Twitter. Check out some of the best memes on the viral UP chaat fight.

The viral chaat fight

A man, affectionately called 'uncle' who is the one behind the 'chaat' rivalry in Baraut town in Baghpat on Monday that left 12 injured and eight in police custody, has said that he was 'undeniably peeved' because a rival 'chaat' seller was telling people that he sold stale food items.

Uncle, whose real name is Harvinder, told reporters on Tuesday, that his rivals - most of them new entrants in the business- kept telling people not to visit Harvinder's shop because Harvinder sold stale stuff.