A bomb blast at a police club building killed three policemen in Egypt's restive Sinai province on Wednesday. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. 

At least three police officials are said to have been killed after a car bomb detonated outside the police building in the Al Arish area, according to Al Arabiya. 

An Isis affiliate in Sinai claimed that one of its suicide bombers drove a car with explosives into a police club in Al Arish. 

Egypt's Sinai province is known to have Isis presence, with several deadly attacks launched on security forces and civilians in recent months. 

Isis militants have killed several police officials in Sinai in the past few months. 

Recently, Isis claimed that it had downed a Russian civilian plane while it was flying over the Sinai region in Egypt on 31 October. 

However, Russia and Egypt have refuted the claim.