Saudi Arabia national flag
Saudi Arabia national flag.Reuters

The Saudi Arabian consulate in Cairo, Egypt, was targeted by a bomb on Sunday, as a blast was reported outside the embassy building.

The bomb went off under a car parked outside the Saudi consulate located in the Garden City district in Cairo, but no casualties were reported, according to Al Ahram. The car was destroyed in the blast. 

Several other embassies are also located in the area. It is not clear why the Saudi embassy was targeted. 

Investigators are scanning security cameras to identify the attackers.

Egypt has seen an increase in violence, especially bomb blasts, with Cairo seeing several such incidents this year. 

On Monday, Egypt's public prosecutor escaped when a bomb blast hit his convoy in Cairo.

In February this year, a bomb went off at Tahrir square, while two bombs were found at Cairo airport

Islamist militants have been blamed for many of the attacks as Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi cracked down heavily on the Muslim Brotherhood.