Manchu Vishnu and Raj Tharun's much-hyped movie "Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam" (ERAR), featuring Sonarika Bhadoria and Hebah Patel in the female leads, has received mixed reviews and decent ratings from critics.

"Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam" is a confusion comedy film and besides direction, G Nageswara Reddy has also written the script and dialogues for the movie. Happy-go-lucky boy Arjun (Vishnu) marries Neelaveni (Sonarika) without the consent of his father (Rajendra Prasad), who is a lawyer. His life takes an interesting twist when Neelaveni rents the upper portion of his house without his knowledge.

Trapped Arjun seeks the help of his best friend Ashwin (Raj Tharun), who is in love with Supriya (Hebah Patel). Arjun introduces his friend as Neelaveni's husband to his family. This lie creates a huge confusion, which forms the laugh riot.

The critics say "Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam" has a routine story, but the inclusion of some comedy scenes and punch dialogues makes it an interesting watch. The first half of the film is engaging and the twist before the interval gains momentum for the story. But some illogical and unnecessary scenes drive away the attention of the viewers. The scenes between Ravi Babu and Rajendra Prasad are hilarious.

Manchu Vishnu, Raj Tharun, Sonarika Bhadoria, Hebah Patel, Ravi Babu and Rajendra Prasad have delivered good performances. The music, picturisation, punch dialogues and beautiful locations are an attraction on the technical front. The film has been rated an average of 2.83 out of 5 stars. Continue to read some critics' verdict and ratings in the 'Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam' review round-up:

Idle Brain Ratings: 3

The taste of audiences is changing in the past one year and they are not looking for familiar stories. First half of Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam is mediocre as it's one sided (with just Vishnu's track of confusion). The second half gets interesting once Raj Tharun's track adds up to confusion. We have to wait and see how audiences brace up this movie.

AP Herald Ratings: 2

Vishnu went forward with his timing where Raj Tarun goes with punch dialogues. Especially Vishu said a silly lie as he is an orphan put his friend in trouble outputs good comedy. Dattanna, Gajanna, shown as powerful rowdies becomes fools at the end. Joker of the movie is Narayana( Rajendra Prasad). Shocking thing is, though he is a lawyer, he could not find out what is happening in his home.

123 Telugu Ratings: 3.25

Edorakam Adorakam is a film which will attract the B and C centres big time. Even though the film gets over the top at times and defies logic in many areas, it has some very entertaining elements which will go well with many. If you are looking for some sheer time pass and want to have a good time this weekend, try this film out and you will be decently entertained.

Gulte Ratings: 3.25

Barring few cliched moments and double entendres, ERAR is a paisa vasool comedy with hilarious moments and genuinely funny dialogues. This might work well with B and C centres. Audiences who love to watch comedies will surely like this fun-tastic confusion drama.

Telugu Cinema Ratings: 3

'Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam' is a movie based on a Punjabi comedy. The movie has some good comedy scenes but it is largely repetitive as the story is wafer-thin.

Tollywood Ratings: 2.5

It is based on the confusion comedy and full length comedy entertainer. The audiences enjoyed first half of the movie but there is lack of commercial element in the second half. There are few unnecessary scenes and forced comedy in second half that test the patience of audiences. There is no proper emotions and the climax is stretched too much. Sunil impressed the audiences with his special appearance.