Vikram's "Iru Mugan" has received mixed reviews from the audience. The movie has been praised for the actor's performance and thrilling elements. But viewers say that the logic in the story goes for a toss, which has remained the biggest drawback of the film.

"Iru Mugan" has been written and directed by Anand Shankar of "Arima Nambi" fame. Chiyaan has paired up with Nayanthara and Nithya Menen in the film, which also stars Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Bala, Karunakaran and others in supporting roles. The film features cinematography by RD Rajasekhar, and editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan.

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Harris Jayaraj, who has composed the music of "Iru Mugan," has churned out three hit songs — "Halena," "Kannai Vittu" and "Face Off." Along with the audio, the trailer and teaser have impressed the viewers, thereby generating great interest among film buffs.

Chiyaan plays the dual roles of an intelligence officer named Akhilan, and Love, the violent antagonist with feminine traits. The film is a thriller based on the theme of international espionage. While Nayanthara plays the love interest (Meera) of the villain, Nithya Menen will be seen as a RAW agent named Aarushi, who assists Akhilan in his mission.

Following an attack on the Indian embassy in Malaysia, Akhilan, a former agent from the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), gets a call from intelligence officials to solve the issue. The hero's lookalike, Love, is behind the incident and he has a past connection with Akhilan. 

Four years ago, Akhilan and Love had engaged in a fight, in which the hero had the last laugh, but his wife Meera (Nayanthara) lost her life. Now, Love has returned with a bang and a lethal weapon is in his armoury. Aarushi now joins the RAW agent to track the villain. Surprises await them even as the villain plans to destroy the world. What happens next should be seen on screen. 

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Positive Points
The concept about a drug that turns an ordinary man into a superman.
Vikram's role of Akhilan. His body language and voice modulation get full marks.
The twist before the interval block.
The beautiful visuals captured by cinematographer RD Rajasekhar.

Negative Points
Thambi Ramaiah's comedy fails to work.
The lacklustre track following Vikram and Nayanthara's wedding.
The emotional portions involving Riythvika.
The tedious sequences of Akhilan tracing the whereabouts of Love.

Vikram is the major attraction of the film and his two characters are a treat to watch, say the viewers. His chemistry with Nayanthara is one of the highlights of "Iru Mugan." Nithya Menen's performance is just okay and the other characters have nothing much to do. The first half of the film is brilliantly written, but the second half plays spoilsport to some extent. Technically, the cinematography and music departments are big plus points.

We bring the viewers' response to the movie below:

VJ Abishek: #IruMugan-neat thriller that lacks powerful scene progressions! Nothing much to complain. Just a breather for #ChiyaanVikram b4 #Saamy2
Good that a filmmaker clears d doubts then n there! But why can't u just shoot when you have the gun? #IruMugan Cinematic liberty spoilsport
High time #Nayanthara plays a baddie! Got d looks n d body language to b a #TildaSwinton :P In black, she is the most devilish ;) #IruMugan
Loving everything about #Love I wish he/she had a more tweaked/feministic voice! Retaining the body language even during d fight! #IruMugan
Loving #KannaiVittu every bit! Set, camera and costumes r top class #ChiyaanVikram 's energy in the dance is brilliant! #IruMugan

Ramesh Bala: #IruMugan [3/5]: Dir @anandshank has done lot of research.. He cld hv trimmed it to make it more racy.. Watch it for #Chiyaan and #Nayan
#IruMugan [3/5]: DOP #RDRajasekhar work is top notch.. Exotic locations r captured well.. @Jharrisjayaraj 's songs and BGM add lot of value
#IruMugan [3/5]: #Nayanthara is at her glamorous best.. A good role for her.. @MenenNithya is functional.. #ThambiRamaiah stands out..
#IruMugan [3/5]: #ChiyaanVikram has excelled in acting as #Love - a mad scientist.. His body language and dialogue delivery fab.. Dual role
#IruMugan [3/5]: A good sci-fi thriller that has entertainment elements - action, romance and comedy.. Technically solid.. Top notch casting

Prashanth: #Irumugan - 3.5/5. Thirumugan for Vikram. Has enough in it for the Mass audience!
Nayanthara feels like special Edition BMW. Lights up every frame she is on ! #Irumugan
#Irumugan - love is the life saviour of the movie !

Sreedhar Pillai: #IruMugan 3/5. Downside -Speed of 1st half missing post-interval & becomes predictable.Script should b tighter & believability factor higher
#IruMugan 3/5.Loved @Jharrisjayaraj music (Halena fab) & #RDRajasekhar's camera work. @theedittable cuts r fine, could have trimmed more.
#IruMugan 3/5. #Nayanthara looks a million bucks has a pivotal role, interval block belongs to her. #NithyaMenen a fine actress is wasted.
#IruMugan 3/5 @anandshank presentation is slick.1st half adrenaline pumping but 2nd half the pace slackens & lacks logic. Technically Fab.
#IruMugan 3/5. Time Pass entertainer. #Vikram is simply terrific in a dual role as hero & villain and holds it together 2 a large extent.

Praveen: #IruMugan — To overlook the shortcomings is difficult. Song placements, logical issues. Has shades of #AB and #Arrambam. More in review.
#IruMugan — Pleasure to have @Jharrisjayaraj who scored majorly with his pulsating BGM. #FaceOff best aptly used for mass action scenes.
#IruMugan — Looking at #Nayanthara in every frame was treat to her fans. Most stylish & glam avatar after #Billa. Yet balances with dignity
#IruMugan — #Nayanthara is the linchpin of the film with her immaculate performance. Was wondering why she wasnt doing such roles since #RR.
#IruMugan will be another valuable proud addition to #ChiyaanVikram's illustrious career.Terrific as Akhilan & Love. Deserves many accolades
#IruMugan— #ChiyaanVikram's first ever dual role and he sparkles in both. WHAT ATTITUDE & charm in 'Love'. You root for that char everytime.
#IruMugan — Film has history, chemistry, science & everything in adequate. After a flat start, the interval block galvanizes you into story.
#IruMugan — Slick high octane spy thriller but lacks punch. Anand does a Shankar here by the treatment with knockout performances from lead.
#IruMugan #Inkokkadu — 3/5 Flawed but holds your attention for most. Scenes unfold with grace & vitality caressed by music @Jharrisjayaraj.

Rajasekar: #IruMugan is a decent spy thriller, watchable for Vikram's splendid performance as Love and stellar screen presence of Nayanthara
#IruMugan first half - Glossy visuals, rich production values and a brilliant interval twist. Slow pace is an issue though :)

Kaushik (LMK):  #IruMugan -Probably #Nayanthara's most stylish, glam role after Billa. Has good substance too. She has a couple of mass moments & looks WOW
#IruMugan - Has logic issues, bad song placement &overdoing of the inhaler part. But @anandshank gives us a spy thriller which largely works
#IruMugan - Watch it for the extraordinary performance & histrionics of #Vikram as #Love. He rocks as the evil, quirky chemical scientist
#IruMugan 1st half - @anandshank has a sci-fi medical element to add thrills to the plot. #Love promises a lot in the 2nd half.
#IruMugan 1st half - Good so far. Stunning interval block. Have to see how it goes now. Good importance for all actors & techni

ChristopherKanagaraj: #IruMugan - 1st half is pretty ordinary, except the interval block. Gud camera and music. Nothing interesting so far. Interval twist gud!!!
#IruMugan - Unfortunately a wasted oppurtunity by Anand Shankar, too many logic loopholes. Except 'Love' chatacter movie falls flat!!

Gd_Here: Pre-interval scene still resonates with me. I love it. Vikram is an artistic masterpiece.#IruMugan
#IruMugan will make us think, make us feel and make us wonder. It is more of a character driven movie than most other sci-fi movies. Good Science, Good fiction, Good sci-fi movie, and a great performance. #IruMugan @anandshank

Giantsfan: #IruMugan glossily made watchable entertainer. Vikram stands tall over the middling screenplay that oscillates between high & low points.

Parvathinathan Kannan: #Irumugan – #Vikram s Extra ordinary performance in both side of the coin ..! Chiyaan s have shown excellent variation btw hero and villan .. 1st half weight .. #Nayan is gorgeous.. An impressive interval twist.. "Speed is irrelevant if you going in the wrong direction" which exactly suits director anand Shankar .. The story of the 2nd half goes in a wrong path which slow down the movie . Eventhough we troll harris, one cannot hate his music .. outstanding BGM ..Nithya gave justice to her role ..!IRUMUGAN – Leave all the Logic Loopholes and watch it for VIKRAM