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A new research conducted by a team of Chinese researchers has revealed that earth's magnetic poles are switching 30 times faster than previously thought. The data collected during the research suggested that the magnetic field of the earth is nearly ten percent weaker when compared to the records obtained 175 years ago, and it suggests that the pole shift is expected to happen soon.

The research team also made it clear that the timeframe of the earth's magnetic pole shift is already overdue. Usually, magnetic pole shift happens 200,000 to 300,000 years, but the last flip happened approximately 780,000 years ago. This delay in pole shift indicates that a flip could happen at any time bringing about severe repercussions.

Experts believe that a sudden pole shit could crash down satellites to the earth causing massive network outage in all nooks of the globe. However, they made it clear that the shift currently does not pose any immediate threat to the humankind.

"Excursions affecting the Earth's poles are happening with ever greater frequency. Although they do not pose any immediate threat to humanity, we could see mass satellite failure," said J├╝rgen Matzka, a top researcher at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Science in Potsdam, Dailystar.co.uk reports.

However, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that a sudden pole shift will cause massive natural disasters in all nooks of the globe. Some of these conspiracy theorists argue that the pole shift has already begun, and the rise in natural disasters like earthquakes in various parts of the planet substantiates this fact.

Meanwhile, doomsday sayers have started connecting pole shift to the arrival of Nibiru. As per these theorists, rogue planet Nibiru is now in its collision course toward earth and the immense gravitational pull exerted by this gigantic space body is creating pole shifts on earth. It should be noted that David Meade, a strong proponent of Nibiru apocalypse theory had predicted the first appearance of Nibiru in the skies between June and December 2018.