EA Sports UFC 2, the second instalment of mixed martial arts video game, was recently revealed to have over 250 fighters, which is one of the largest rosters in a fighting game, something that was well received by its fans.

There was also a small list of fighters who were revealed to be part of this huge roster for EA Sports UFC 2. Many had wondered if it will include the newly joined former WWE star, CM Punk. Thanks to a hands-on report of the game from MMA Junkie, we now have CM Punk as a confirmed fighter in EA Sports UFC 2. The report also revealed details on the game's visuals, gameplay and features.

Along with CM Punk, it confirmed the existence of the following fighters in the game:

  • McGregor
  • Jon Jones
  • Anderson Silva
  • Clay Collard
  • Alexandra Albu

The report revealed that the game will have several visual improvements and has variety of modes. The game will not have any tournament mode but will allow users to create full custom fight card in Event mode.

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The game also boasts about revamped menu screens and during the matches, players will hear the voices of UFC commentator Mike Goldberg and his broadcast partner Joe Rogan.

The game boasts of sounds from the actual UFC events and the ground game has seen complete overhaul. The game also features several changes to the grappling system.

The report points out that like the earlier game, EA Sports UFC, this new game will also have submission mini-games.

It also revealed that the striking styles are unique to each fighter. EA Sports UFC 2 will feature Leg kick TKOs and will let players block low.

The new game, unlike its predecessor, will not have "repetitive fight-ending sequences" but is "driven by in-match physics." It promises of not having two identical knockouts in the game despite "hundreads of matches".

The game will see changes made in Career mode, training process and has introduced a new Ultimate Team mode.

MMA Junkie report revealed that though this might not be a perfect MMA video game, it is "far superior version" of its predecessor.