Big things are expected from EA at this year's E3

There's isn't much time left before this year's upcoming E3 event is finally upon us. And as expected, a host of game publishers and developers are getting ready to show off their almost finished goods to the world, thanks to one of the major gaming events of the year. Developer and publisher EA, as well, is now getting into the act.

According to reports, EA has already confirmed that it will be hosting its E3 press conference on 15th of June, at 1pm PT. It has also been suggested that EA's press conference this year will be the longest, compared to the ones in the recent past, as it will go on for some two and a half hours, and ending at 3.30pm PT.

EA is a major name in the industry and a lot of eyes will be fixed upon what it has to offer at the upcoming E3. However, we have a faint hope that this will the place for EA to finally release some details regarding upcoming titles such as FIFA 16 and Star Wars Battlefront.

Needless to say, EA has indeed got some ground to make up for after its close to dismal showing in last year's E3. However, things can only get better for the company with games such as Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition doing fairly well in terms of popularity and sales figures since release.

That said, it still remains to be seen which of the products EA decides to show off at the event. Maybe we are awaiting something totally new out of the blue. But whatever that may be, our fingers are crossed that at least it will not make us fall asleep midway like EA's last year announcements.

Stay tuned for more updates!