EA announcements at E3 2015
EA announcements at E3 2015

This is an exciting time as far as the videogame industry is concerned. Sure we have a number of high-profile releases all through the year, but if that's not enough, we now have the ongoing E3 event for the year that has already witnessed some massive announcements from a number of big name companies.

Like others, the renowned EA was also present at E3 2015 with a string of announcements that created quite the buzz among its faithful. Details for the next FIFA, a new Mass Effect and even the return of parkour classic Mirror's Edge were revealed.

Here's a close look at every announcement made by EA at E3 2015.

Need for Speed – The Reboot

EA not only revealed an official release date for the updated Need for Speed, it was also in action for the first time ever.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for Mobile

EA, at its E3 2015 press conference, announced the upcoming mobile-based card collectible RPG, called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The game features characters from all the six films and centres around both the prequel and original films in the series. The game is being developed by EA Capital Games and will see players collect ships, characters and items, and build the best deck of cards. The game will be available for iOS and Android later this year.

New Mass Effect Detailed

If you are looking for some excitement from the Mass Effect front, know that Mass Effect: Andromeda was revealed as the next instalment in the RPG series. The title will be available during holiday 2016 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There's also a reveal trailer for the same that shows a soldier (armoured with N7, of course) navigating a galaxy map, preparing their weapon, and finally driving the Mako. Plus, the video has good ol' Johnny Cash's 'Riders in the Sky' in the background.

The Very Cute Unravel from Cordwood Interactive

Unravel is an upcoming textile-themed, physics-based platformer that's being developed by Cordwood Interactive.

New Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion

Star seems like a hot topic for this year's E3, and EA announced that a massive new expansion from BioWare is heading for the Knights of the Old Republic, called Knights of the Fallen Empire. The expansion was announced with an impressive looking CG-powered trailer for it. While a gameplay for the same is still missing, the trailer focused on a story about two twin brothers and their quite the demanding father. What ensues later is a full scale family feud.

NBA Live 16 Has a Release Date

Not only did EA announce an official release date for NBA Live 16 (29 September), it also made good use of its time at the event by detailing a few in-game customization options. In fact, the company even debuted a new app that allows players to scan their faces and use it in the game in order to further customise characters.

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