Janel Parrish
Janel Parrish and Val ChmerkovskiyInstagram/Janel Parrish

Monday's episode of "Dancing With the Stars" saw Janel Parrish and her dancing partner Val Chmerkovskiy, who have been fuelling dating rumours for weeks now, finally kiss on stage.

However, the kiss wasn't entirely of their own will, as this week was a fan choice special, and viewers got to pick the dance, the song, and even the ending of the routine. And when a majority of fans wanted Chmerkovskiy and Parrish to end the routine in a lip lock, the duo complied.

"If kiss is what you want America, then kiss is what you get," Chmerkovskiy said in a video from ABC.

The video also shows Chmerkovskiy explaining to his partner that fans want the duo to dance a quickstep to "Hey Boy! Hey Girl!" by Louis Prima. "America's helping us out this week. Basically they are in charge of our dance," Chmerkovskiy explained.

Janelskiy, as the couple is popularly known, sparked dating rumours right from week one when the two were spotted kissing backstage after their performance. When questioned about the kiss, Chmerkovskiy said: "Her face is just so small and her lips are so big that anywhere I'm going to kiss is going to land on her lips."

Since then the couple has kissed almost 21 times during their on-stage numbers, claims Bustle.

Meanwhile, the "Pretty Little Liars" actress has been raving about her dancing partner on her People blog, and she even admitted to being jealous when he danced with Lea Thompson.

Parrish also credited Chmerkovskiy for keep her calm, and believing in her as they dance their way towards the mirror ball trophy.

"Val's been amazing. He has the exact same amount of workload that I do, if not more, because he's the one who has to choreograph and teach me. He's been keeping it really calm, which is the only reason why I'm calm because I look to him. He's my leader, so when he's strong – and he is – I feel strong. It's been really good, and we're having fun amid the crazy!" Parrish wrote.