Bennie Bos
Bennie Bos

Bennie Bos is a 20 years old high successful Dutch entrepreneur and businessman. As founder and CEO of the huge growing Bike4Now platform. His idea of a bike-sharing platform with next-level technology is growing rapidly and is growing worldwide.

Bennie Bos is not only trying to change the way of city transportation but trying to provide long-term solutions for the environmental problems that we are facing nowadays. During interviews, Bennie Bos said he likes to invest in new businesses and businesses that are related to green energy. He is trying to make multipurpose solutions worldwide.

Green energy-related solutions are where Bennie is focusing on right now. "Creating a solution nowadays must be one for years" he quoted. With all his projects he is trying to think about the global problems today. This mindset of thinking in the future is really what makes him a fast-growing entrepreneur.

He managed to build a concept called Bike4Now. Bike4Now is not just a bike-sharing platform but a unique twist has been added. Using the high-end technologies Bike4Now adds many more features to create the best user-interface and usability. Bennie Bos created this because he wanted a new, co2 neutral way of transportation within cities that are easy to use, low in cost, and most importantly flexible.

Flexibility is the problem Bennie Bos faced. With his concept, he managed to achieve this in a very new way. Because of this great invention, Bike4Now is accepted in many cities. Right now, Bennie Bos has implemented Bike4Now to huge cities like London and Amsterdam. He said there will become many more soon.

Bike4Now is so easy to use, you just have to download a mobile application to look for an available bike nearby. After that just scan the bike and go to your destination. When you reach the destination simply park the bike and you are done. So, no fixed parking stations or returns just use it like it is your own bike! Bennie Bos said in an interview: "I hope there will be a point that people will use these bikes as their own. When they do there will be a lot less unused bikes!".

How did he come to this idea? Actually, he started this concept for a school project. He had to make a business plan for his International Business study. While studying in Amsterdam he was trying to think about the problems of transportation. Going to college by car in Amsterdam is horrible, with no available parking spots and expensive. Trains are not bringing you to your classroom, using the bike is most of the time too far for a lot of people. Trams are also not bringing you to the right spot and not flexible enough. So Bennie said, why is there no huge bike-sharing system in Amsterdam?