Bihar women worshiping a dustbin
Bihar women worshiping a dustbinTwitter

A video featuring Bihar women worshiping a dustbin kept in front of a temple has gone viral on social media, leading to a Congress-versus-BJP debate.

The video hit the internet on October 28 and was widely circulated on social media. The details of the incident featured in this footage are not available.

If we are to go by the buzz, the dustbin was recently kept in front of a temple in Bihar as a part of the Swach Bharat initiative.

The Kangaroo-shaped dustbin was apparently a big surprise for the women in this area, who mistook to it to be a deity and started worshiping it by pouring water and Kumkum on its head.

A guy recorded this scene on his cellphone and uploaded it to Twitter. The amusing video has since caught the attention of many on social media.

Some Twitterati dubbed the dustbin worship a superstition and felt the women needed to be taught about its usage.

Others opined that this was the best video to show the 60-year misrule of the Congress and the apparent illiteracy and poverty it resulted in. They thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Swach Bharat initiative.

Here are some comments about the dustbin worship that are doing rounds on Twitter:

Abhishek Singh‏: Seems they never saw a dustbin in their life Thanx to PM Modi's #SwacchBharat Initiative that 1st time dustbin is put in temple premises

Ashesh Shah‏: This dustbin is also enuf to explain how Congress mired country for 60 years in illiteracy & poverty, & now is consigned to dustbin itself.

Siona Gogoi‏: This dustbin is enough to explain how BJP winning all time in North India, how MODI become PM, why yogi Adityanath become CM of a state.

Retarded Writer‏: First time a dustbin was introduced outside a temple in Bihar and this happened. Beti padhao Beti bachao is need of the hour

Viivek kumar Aurora: This is a scene outside a temple in Bihar when a dustbin was kept for the first time. Education is must for all .

Watch the video here:

Laugh India‏: Dustbin God in Bihar - see what happens when you put dustbin in temples #swachhbharat #IncredibleIndia #MannKiBaat

Hema J‏: Bihari women worshipping a dustbin are being called #Bhakts. Really? Hey Anti-Modi Brigade, get over bhakt-phobia and talk some sense.

Aditii: This is a scene outside a temple in Bihar when a dustbin was kept for the first time.

Hatinder Singh R: Height of Superstition... They Are worshipping a dustbin.. These poor peoples turn Victims of Deras And Babas. Not Funny But Worrying

Super Commando Dhruv: Best video on Superstition in india. PS: it was a dustbin.

Satish: Some please tell them its a Dustbin...

Bulleya: Like seriously?! that's a dustbin people.. #ChhathhPuja