Aadu 2 This is my entertainment

A shocking video from the sets of Aadu 2 has surfaced online which shows Vinayakan's narrow escape from an explosion scene. The video, which features the making of the popular "this is my entertainment" scene from the movie, was posted on a Facebook page.

The explosion scene in the movie had triggered laughter waves in the theaters. The popular scene featured Vinayakan, who played the character 'Dude', throwing a bomb which leads to an explosion in a building behind them.

Earlier, producer Vijay Babu had revealed in a conversation about Vinayakan's narrow escape from an accident during the making of the dangerous scene.

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"In fact, the explosion went out-of-hand. The flames reached out very close to Vinayakan's Jeep. His head was hot from the flames. We poured two buckets of water over his head to cool him down. We even thought two or three persons were killed in the accident," said Vijay Babu.

The video shows the explosion in full and people clapping merrily after the successful take. The shocking video appeared online when Aadu 2 is sailing steadily in the box office challenging other Christmas releases.

The makers had also recently released a success celebration song featuring key moments from the movie and theaters responses of the viewers.

According to box office collection reports, Aadu 2 is making up for the losses of its predecessor, Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu. The movie is also on its way to become the second consecutive blockbuster for Jayasurya after Punyalan Private Limited.

Along with the movie, its cult characters like Shaji Pappan, S.I. Sarbath Shameer, Dude, Satan Xavier, Arakkal Abu, and Pinky, the goat rule the Mollywood box office.

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As the movie makes waves in the theaters, the makers are on a strict mission to book those who share video clippings shot on mobile cameras on social media.

In a Facebook live, producer Vijay Babu warned those who share video clips on social media platforms and requested viewers to stay away from such practices.

Jayasurya and Vijay Babu also revealed that Aadu 2 will hit the theaters outside Kerala release in the first week of January.