A drunk man sleeps on the ledge atop a 29-floor building. [Representational Image]Creative Commons

Getting sloshed after a party is nothing unusual. But, sleeping on the ledge atop a multi-storeyed building is the craziest act one could imagine, even if you are on a high. 

People in Xi'an, China, were shocked to see a man lying on the open ledge on the roof of a 29-floor building. They thought he was trying to jump off the building. But it turned out that the man had perched on the ledge after getting drunk and dozed off.

Police in Xi'an, the capital of central China's Shaanxi province, received a phone call March 29 about a man planning to kill self on top of a building. On arriving at the location, police found the man taking a peaceful nap, lying precariously on the ledge, Shanghaiist reported.

The cops and firefighters chalked out a rescue plan to save the man by using a ladder as they feared that the air cushion they placed on the ground couldn't be totally relied on, given the height of the building. The upper part of the ladder was controlled by policemen and the lower part by firefighters. The two groups slowly climbed the ladder and reached the man and pulled him to the safe side of the roof, reported.

According to local media reports, the man apparently had some issues in his life causing a mental breakdown. He chugged a few bottles of beer and went up to the roof with a plan to jump off from there. Fortunately, before he could execute his extreme plan, he apparently dozed off.