Flight passenger lies down on fight's premium seats without paying, sparks fury. [Representational Image]Creative Commons

An Air Asia flight passenger en route Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong made her co-passengers furious by upgrading her seats during the flight after finding the premium seats empty. She only got back to her original economic seat after a fellow passenger lost his temper. 

Video of the incident was posted on the social media by Bruce Lam who was also a passenger on the flight, on March 27. In his post, Lam wrote that just before the plane took off, a middle-aged woman left her economy class seat and occupied the empty AirAsia X Premium Class seats behind him.

Bruce also mentioned that a flight attendant advised the woman to go back to her own seat, but she questioned her, "why?"

The flight attendant went on to explain that the passengers on the premium class seats spend extra money for it, and she could book the premium seats for her next flight if she wanted to.

It was followed by a verbal tussle that lasted for four to five minutes, after which the woman returned back to her seat. However, soon after the flight took off, she came back and occupied the seats again.

She was again asked to go back to her seats, which she did only to come back again for the third time.

Bruce wrote: "A few minutes later, the woman returned to the seats behind me again for the third time. She lay down and started playing with her phone. This time, an air stewardess came to her and requested that she return to her seat.

Bruce added: "The stewardess told her that it wouldn't be fair to other passengers if she could 'upgrade' her seat by herself, while others could not." However, this time the woman started yelling and making a scene, refusing to leave.

Bruce continued: "I'm not sure if it was the stewardess being so polite and nice, but the auntie's attitude became worse."

That's when Bruce shouted at the woman, the verbal spat continued for some time and the woman went back to her seat, this time not to return back again. The flight attendant later thanked Bruce for what he did.