Drone boy Prathap NM

The 'drone boy' as Prathap NM is known has recently been on the police radar for going missing from quarantine. An FIR was lodged against him on Sunday for flouting the rules to attend a TV interview. He was caught on Monday in Mysuru by a Bengaluru quarantine squad.

This is not the only trouble Prathap NM has landed in recently. His claims of having made over 600 drones from e-waste that became his claim to fame have come into question. 

Prathap NM caught in Mysuru

Prathap NM made the news on Sunday when an FIR was lodged against him for flouting quarantine restrictions. The 23-year-old had arrived back in Bengaluru to attend an interview and even had a Home Quarantine stamp. The BBMP filed a case against him reports said for flouting lockdown rules amid the pandemic.

The police were unable to track Prathap with his phone switched off. He was booked for both offences, one leaving home quarantine and second to switch off his phone. The Bengaluru Quarantine Squad finally found him in Mysuru where he agreed to turn himself in, Deccan Herald reported. He was put up at a hotel in the Mandi Mohalla area of the city.

The team were able to apprehend him via his second phone and sim which were not switched off on Sunday. Now, the youngster will be placed under institutional quarantine, and court will decide his punishment according to the law facing jail term or a fine. 

Drone Prathap

However, Prathap's worries are far from at the end. On an interview, he recently attended he was unable to prove that he was the one who built the 600 e-waste drones over the past 2 years. He was presented with numerous prizes and awards across the country for the same. However, articles have shown that many of the 'Drone boy's' claims might have been false. In fact, a German manufacturer, BillzEye has asked him to clarify on one of his pictures claiming their drone to be his.