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Has the dress code implementation gone too far? A British woman recently went through a traumatic experience when a flight manager and staff of a Thomas Cook flight cornered her and threatened to de-board her if she did not cover up her "revealing outfit".

Emily O'Connor, 21, was wearing a black crop top and orange trousers when she boarded a Thomas Cook flight from Birmingham in the United Kingdom to Tenerife in Spain. She said that she got through security and roamed around the entire airport without any problem.

While narrating her ordeal to The Sun, Emily said that she was left "shaking and upset" after the flight official asked her to cover up the 'offensive outfit'.

"The flight attendant said that I was inappropriately dressed and I needed to cover up. The flight manager and the flight staff all came over and stood there, then said: 'If you don't put a jacket on now we're taking you off the plane'," she said.

Emily added that to make matters worse, a man sitting two rows ahead of her yelled, "Shut up you pathetic woman, put a f***ing jacket on."

The flight staff hounded her for 20 minutes until Emily gave in and wore a jacket lent to her by her cousin.

"It was the most sexist, misogynistic, embarrassing experience of my life. The way they can tell anyone what is or is not appropriate … I could wear that in Birmingham in the street, and I wouldn't get harassed," she said.

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Emily added that there was another man on board who was wearing a pair of shorts and a vest but no one did anything about it.

Thomas Cook released a statement after the incident apologising for the ordeal Emily had to go through and promised that they would look into the matter.

The statement read, "We are sorry that we upset Ms O'Connor. It's clear we could have handled the situation better. In common with most airlines, we have an appropriate attire policy…This applies equally to men and women of all ages without discrimination. Our crews have the difficult task of implementing that policy and don't always get it right."

Meanwhile, Emily also narrated her ordeal on Twitter and received a lot of support from the netizens who called out Thomas Cook for its misogynistic behaviour.

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However, there were some people who also criticised Emily for 'creating a scene' and suggested that she should have listened to the airline staff. 

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