"Dreamworks Dragons" Season 4 will be aired on Netflix
"Dreamworks Dragons" Season 4 will be aired on NetflixFacebook/Dreamworks Dragons

The wait for "DreamWorks Dragons" is nearly over, as fans will get to watch the animated show before the month is over. It has been confirmed that Netflix will add Season 4 of the much-loved show to its diverse library on June 24.

Season 3 of "DreamWorks Dragons" ended with a massive cliffhanger that left fans wondering what is to become of the Dragon Eye, who was whisked away by the big bad villain Viggo (Alfred Molina). As fans of the show know, his ultimate goal is to capture Dragon Eye.

Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his gang had fought a hard battle, using their wit to free Heather and the Flightmare in the previous season. However, Viggo had turned out to be a formidable opponent. He ended up whisking Dragon Eye away.

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We can expect more action this season, as Hiccup launches a hunt for the Dragon Eye. Considering the Eye has been reactivated, Viggo is expected to be bigger, badder and stronger in Season 4. What Hiccup will do with Heather for being Viggo's spy, also remains to be seen.

Astrid (America Ferrera), Ruffnut (Julie Marcus) and other beloved characters will also be brought back with Netflix's reprisal of "DreamWorks Dragons."

Unlike the previous seasons, the upcoming season is only expected to feature 13 episodes, but the good news is that because they will all be uploaded to Netflix, you can binge-watch it in one go.