A video has emerged online that shows the Russian rescue team's close encounter with death while searching for the two pilots of the Su-24 in Syria after it was downed by Turkey on Tuesday.

The over 4-minute video shows the moment when the Russian fighter jet was hit by Turkish warplanes following which the pilots ejected out, and the final rescue effort.

The video also shows at least three Russian rescue helicopters coming under heavy fire from Syrian rebels while attempting to rescue one of the pilots. [Read: Syria rebels rob dead Russian pilot; Putin to honour 'hero of Russia']

The first helicopter had to quickly pull back after one of the pilots on-board was killed in the enemy fire. The second helicopter then tries to hit the enemy position, but is unsuccessful because the firing from the Syrian rebel side damages the hydraulics, forcing it to land in hostile territory.  

Upon landing, the crew quickly takes shelter in the garden of a house near northern Latakia (Syria), even as the rebels continue firing.

At this moment, the Syrian army closes in on the house, while more Russian helicopters arrive at the scene and fire at rebel positions. [Also read: Qatar buying anti-aircraft missiles from Ukraine to arm Isis against Russia?]

Due to the language barrier, the Syrian soldiers are told to constantly repeat "Droog" on the radio while approaching the stranded Russian crew members. Droog is Russian for "close friend."

Amid the intense firing, the Syrian soldiers safely rescue the stranded helicopter crew members including the Russian pilot. And within moments, as the Russian crew leaves the house where it had taken shelter, the damaged helicopter blows up due to the intense shelling by the rebels.

Watch the video: