• An Isis militant fires a Man-portable air-defense system.ISIS Media/Twitter
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A new conspiracy theory claims that Islamic State (Isis) terrorists are being armed by Qatar using anti-aircraft missiles bought from Ukraine.

The claim was made by a group of Ukrainian hackers, who chanced upon incriminating documents that show that Qatar is buying the Pechora-2D,  a surface-to-air missile system, which it plans to supply to Islamic State (Isis) terrorists in Syria against Russia. 

Qatar has signed an agreement with Ukraine for the supply of the anti-aircraft missile system which can also target cruise missiles at low and medium altitudes, Iranian state media Fars News reported on Wednesday.

The revelation was made by CyberBerkut, who also published a series of documents alleging that Qatar's Ministry of Defence was going to transport the Ukrainian defence system into Syria via Bulgaria and Turkey. 

According to the leaked documents also published on the Paris-based NGO Voltaire Network, Qatar reached an agreement with Ukraine in September 2015, just before Russia launched its airstrikes in Syrian against Isis. The deal was also approved by the US embassy in Doha, the documents claimed.

The hackers also published an email conversation intercepted from the Ukrainian Embassy in Qatar, which they claim was proof that the weapons were meant for Isis.

According to Sputnik, in the past also there have been media claims that Isis was able to purchase weapons from Ukraine, an allegation that Kiev has denied vehemently.