In what was supposed to be a pleasant evening for a group of three women in Bengaluru, turned into an ordeal in a matter of just a few minutes when they encountered a man who claimed to be a cop. The women, showcasing a good presence of mind, not only got themselves out of the tricky situation but also assisted the Bengaluru Police in catching the impersonator.

It all started when the three women set out for a long drive on the airport road in Bengaluru on the occasion of Republic Day. Their excursion was soon obstructed by the police impostor, who was later identified as Naresh, as he stopped them mid-way and started making several inquiries.

Police impostor arrested
Police impostor arrested in Bengaluru

The women immediately sensed that there is something fishy with the man and they started countering-questioning him. When they asked him to name his police station and show an ID card, he snapped and tried to misbehave with them. Meanwhile, one of the three friends was filming everything on her phone.

On realising that his plan to fool the women has failed, Naresh soon fled the scene on his bike.

How the real police got hold of the impersonator

The woman who had recorded the entire incident posted the video on social media and it went viral in no time. Several social media users then brought it to the attention of the Bengaluru Police who swung into action right away.

With the help of his vehicle number that they noted from the footage, the police obtained Naresh's address and mobile number. On investigating further, the cops found out that he was working in a private hospital in Bengaluru and had moved to the city about 2 years back from Hyderabad.

Now, even though the police knew about Naresh's whereabouts, the case was far from over. When the cops reached the address that he had listed with the RTO, they learned that he has moved to a new location. The case took another interesting turn when the police came up with a new plan to catch him.

They made one of the victims call Naresh up on his mobile number to set up a meeting. She lured him into her sweet talks and somehow managed to convince him to meet her at the very same flyover where the unfortunate event had transpired. And when an unsuspicious Naresh arrived at the spot, the cops nabbed him.

The police later learned that Naresh was a part of a bikers gang and also arrested four of his accomplices.