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Have you had enough of Dragon Ball Xenoverse? Well, as far as we see it, we are not even close to it. From collecting all seven dragon balls, to dissecting all the races in the game, there's a lot more to be found out from the game, along the way. However, for the time being, we are concentrating on the online aspects of Xenoverse.

There are many among us who find more joy in going online with a host of other players around the world, rather than finishing the single player story mode for a game. And while there's a lot to be garnered from the single player aspect of Xenoverse, we are taking a look at how to connect the game online successfully and play.

Here are six easy steps: 

Step 1: At the start of the game, you will be taken through a series of short battles. Note that these battles are quite simple, since they are only meant to move the story forward and not test your battle skills.

Step 2: Once the initial set of battles is done and dusted, you can create your character and choose the preferred fighting style that will determine your early set of items.

Step 3: After you are done creating your character, head over to Trunks and talk to him. Following that, explore Tokitoki City until you've been through all three areas and returned to Trunks. Talk to him again to accept your first mission against Raditz, which is a fairly simple battle. Note that melee attack combos work out well against Raditz.

Step 4: Here you will require talking to Trunks once more, and head over to the Time Machine Station to complete an Offline Parallel Quest.

Step 5: On heading back to Tokitoki City, go to the Plaza of Time and move to the upper right corner where you should find a glowing portal that will lead you to another area where Trunks is waiting. Speak to Trunks once more to continue the story mode.

Step 6: This is where you get to unlock the multiplayer mode for the game. You will be needed to complete the next episode in the story mode to unlock the multiplayer mode for the game. In other words, you will have to complete all the events leading up to the defeat of Vegeta. To do this, you must face off against Napa, Vegeta and Great Ape Vegeta.

A final word: When you are done fighting your battles, you will be re-directed back to Tokitoki City. There, finish the cinematic with Trunks and exit to the main menu. Now, when you start the game once more, there will be an option to join a Multi Lobby, which will not only allow you to play with and against other people, but also interact with the ones inside Tokitoki City.

[Source: Prima Games]