Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku with blue hairs is seen in Dragon Ball Xenoverse's DLC Pack 3.Facebook

Popular fighting game Dragon Ball Xenoverse from Bandai Namco is getting grinded by fans following the addition of new content that came via DLC Pack 3's addition.

The DLC Pack 3 brought five Parrallel Quests, two Masters, eight Master Quests, 14 Moves, one accessory and seven Z-Souls. It adds a punch to the game, apart from allowing players to reach Level 99.

Bandai Namco recently announced via its official Facebook post about a bonus XP event for Dragon Ball Xenoverse. This will allow players to make more XP. The bonus offer from the company is like a boon to many who are trying to reach Level 99 in the fastest way possible.

The event allows to garner 125% of experience points to players who finish the Parallel Quests in a limited time. 

The post asks players if they have reached "Level 90 yet?"

The limited event started on 16 June at 2 am PST/ 8 am CET and will end on 23 June at 2 am PST/ 10 CET.

Players who are earning 10,000 from Parallel Quest on a normal day will now be making 12,500.

Saiyan Island is of the opinion that combining the tips provided here and the bonus points would enable a player to become a big warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.