Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku with blue hairs seen in DLC Pack 3.Facebook

One of the most popular of Bandai Namco video games currently is the Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The game recently received DLC Pack 3.

It also allowed players to have Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta besides Golden Freiza and Jaco. The new DLC also added parallel quests and two new mentors.

One of the highlights of the DLC was allowing characters to reach level 99. Thanks to YouTube user, Anime Games Online Xenoverse, who has shared a video that shows how to reach level 99 the quickest way possible.

It must be noted that reaching level 99 is not as easy as thought. However playing Parallel Quests in the game, helps. Playing Parallel Quest "The Return of the Giant-Ape Fest" will definitely help players.

Follow the instructions below to get to Level 99 in the quickest way:

A player must be armed with Blue Hurricane ultimate attack. If they do not have it, then they can get it from Parallel Quest 10, 'Defeat Frieza's Army.'

It also helps to be equipped with Maximum Charge super attack. Those who do not have this can buy it from skill shop. Players also need to have the Z-Soul "Why yoooou!!!" which can be obtained from Parallel Quest 15, 'The Explosion of Namek.'

So after being equipped with all the above things, players need to head to Parallel Quest, 'The Return of the Giant-Ape Fest!' Here players will have to select their character and take two Towa as supports.

The importance of having the two Towa is that they will provide four bars of Ki. To be at a better position, charge your Ki to the max.

Next, head to the portal and win over the Giant Apes by making use of Blue Hurricane. So having the Z-Soul "Why yoooou!!!" will allow some recovery if they are badly hit. Make sure to charge your Ki, following the defeat of every ape, since the Blue Hurricane might have to be used again, if needed.

It must be noted that even if players take more time to get the apes down and out, they will still rake in experience points. Players will need around 1,75,11,030 experience points to go from 85 to 99.

Since it might take a long time to gather so many XP, players might use the seven Dragon Balls, that they would have gathered by now and make the "I want to grow" wish to Shenron. This will allow players to get automatic boosts that will put them to next level.

Note that this wish can only be made once after reaching Level 85. So players must make sure that they do not make the wish until they have reached Level 98. The video below notes that levelling up from Level 98 to Level 99 consumes most of the XP.

[Source: Saiyan Island]

(YouTube Courtesy: Anime Games Online Xenoverse)