Dragon Ball Super
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Dragon Ball Super, the popular TV anime show, recently aired episode 31 and is awaiting episode 32 that will be aired on Feb. 21. But Dragon Ball Super manga has revealed some spoilers on the upcoming fights between Goku and Botamo-Frost. These fights are part of the Champa's team, vs. Beerus' team tournament.

The Dragon Ball Super manga (running its ninth chapter) released on V-Jump magazine (via Facebook user GojiitaAF) has revealed spoilers about the upcoming fights between Goku and others. The original is in Japanese and has since been translated to English, Attack of the Fanboy reports.

Spoilers ahead:

The first fight is between Goku and Botamo, a bear-like creature. All the attacks by Goku go futile on Botamo, even the use of Kamehameha. Krillin opines that Goku should go Super Saiyan but Vegeta doesn't think it will help them in the cause.

So Goku uses a simple tactic, where he grabs Botomo's legs with his bare hands, drags him outside the boundary, then lifts him up and slam dunks him there. Goku is handed a win.

Goku was trying to conserve his energy and user transformations for later use.

His next fight is with Frost, who belongs to the same species as Frieza. Though both these fighters are throwing blows on each other, none have levelled up. Whis and Beerus look at this unimpressed.

Goku wants Frost to transform, and so the latter does. The third form is rather ugly and weird in appearance. Goku has not seen such a form before and he finally transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. This leads to Frost changing to his final form. The manga concludes at Frost's final transformation.