Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super gets full list of voice casts for English dub version.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation has revealed its full English voice cast on Thursday.

Fans following the English editions of Toei Animation's serials would be happy to know that Dragon Ball Super's English edition will feature voice acting veterans from the hit Toei Animation's anime series of the past, IGN reported.

Sean Schemmel will be voicing Goku, Christopher R Sabat will be voicing Vegeta, Jason Douglas is voicing Beerus, Ian Sinclair is voicing Whis and Sonny Strait will be voicing for the character of Krillin.

Fans might remember all these names as all the five names, Schemmel, Sabat, Douglas, Sinclair and Strait were part of 2015's movie, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'.

Meanwhile, Akiro Toriyama, the series creator will be overseeing the English edition of Dragon Ball Super too.

Here is the full list of all the voice cast in the English dub edition:

  • GOKU - Sean Schemmel
  • VEGETA - Christopher R Sabat
  • BEERUS - Jason Douglas
  • WHIS - Ian Sinclair
  • KRILLIN - Sonny Strait
  • GOHAN - Kyle Hebert
  • BULMA - Monica Rial
  • PICCOLO - Christopher R Sabat
  • TRUNKS - Alexis Tipton
  • NARRATOR - Doc Morgan
  • GOTEN - Kara Edwards
  • CHI-CHI - Cynthia Cranz
  • A18 - Meredith McCoy
  • MR. SATAN - Chris Rager
  • BUU - Josh Martin
  • KING KAI - Sean Schemmel
  • SHENRON - Christopher R Sabat
  • VIDEL - Kara Edwards
  • YAMCHA - Christopher R Sabat
  • TIEN - John Burgmeier
  • SHOU - Chris Cason
  • ROSHI - Mike McFarland
  • PUAR - Brina Palencia
  • PILAF - Chuck Huber
  • OX-KING - Kyle Hebert
  • OOLONG - Brad Jackson
  • MARRON - Tia Ballard
  • KIBITO KAI - Kent Williams
  • ELDER KAI - Kent Williams
  • DENDE - Justin Cook
  • CHIAOTZU - Brina Palencia
  • MAI - Colleen Clinkenbeard

The Japanese version of Dragon Ball Super is ongoing. It started airing on July 5, 2015. The series is set after the defeat of Majin Boo, when Earth has become peaceful.