Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super aired episode 15 on 18 October.Twitter

The storyline continues for the Japan exclusive anime TV series, Dragon Ball Super, following the completion of the epic battle between Goku and Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction, where the Earth was finally saved from Beeru's wrath.

On 18 October, Toei Animation, the studio behind this popular series aired episode 15 titled, 'Satan, Cause a Miracle!' -- which has been billed as "fresh and funny" in a review report on Attack of the Fanboy.

Episode 15 shows Gohan doing the household chores due to Videl's pregnancy. The main focus of the episode was Hercule Satan, who wants to falsely take the limelight telling people and the media that he fought with Beerus and was transformed in to a Super Siayan to defeat him.

Later, he seen ringing up Gohan and Vegeta when he finds himself in the cross hairs of some lion-like aliens who landed up on Earth. Guess who comes to the rescue? Goku, who was running errands for Chi-Chi helps Hercule Satan, who introduces him as his disciple.

When Chi-Chi comes to know of this, she is upset so Goku escapes from the fight after feigning defeat.

Hercule Satan is left at the mercy of the aliens. But luckily, his dog Bee comes to his rescue and aliens, who are from the cat family, are afraid of the dogs. They are seen flying away from Earth. It is a victory for Hercule Satan.

Meanwhile, we will be seeing more of Dragon Ball Super with episode 16, titled 'Vegeta Becomes a Pupil!', when it airs on 25 October. The studio has released a sneak peek trailer for the next episode, where we can see Whis in the home of Bulma, since he had enjoyed Earth's food when he gatecrashed last time with Beerus.

We see images of Whis feasting on the food even as Vegeta tells him that he wants to become as powerful as Beerus. He even tells him that he wants to become the disciple of the person who trained Beerus.

Expect to see how Vegeta becomes the student of Whis in episode 16.

Fergus Three