Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super will show episode 15 on 18 October.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super is the popular anime TV series that has been running riot on Fuji TV, exclusively for the Japanese audience.

Episode 14, titled 'Conclusion! The Battle of Gods', was aired on 11 October. It witnessed the conclusion of the epic battle between Goku and Lord Beerus, which was dubbed as the Battle of Gods.

Episode 14 marked the end of the battle between the Gods in a tense fight, and according to the review from Attack of the Fanboy. The fight between them takes them underwater, to the skies and to the Earth.

After Goku loses his aura of being the Super Saiyan God, he is flicked to the ground by Beerus, but Goku never gives up.

Goku pulls up a Kamehameha and Beerus counters it with his neutron bombs. The impact from the ball shows Beerus is called the God of Destruction. The bombs head towards Earth with Beerus only clicking his fingers to increase its size.

This is the time Goku realises he must be Earth's saviour in a do or die situation, so he musters up all the energy he has from the state of staying in Super Saiyan God and throws a massive punch at Beerus's bomb.

This created a huge impact and Goku was seen falling on Earth and into the trusted arms of Vegeta.

Beerus is not happy and is still convinced about Earth's destruction. Thankfully, the beam he shoots goes wayward and after all the fight he too is tired. He falls asleep. This is when Whis steps in and transports both of them back to the world they came from.

In a conversation with Whis, Beerus agrees that he had one of the challenging fights with Goku. Episode 14 concludes with Goku getting to eat all the food that was cooked for Bulma's birthday.

This ends the battle of the Gods, and Toei Animation has promised something interesting for next week, when Episode 15 titled, 'Satan, Cause a Miracle!', will be aired on the Japanese Fuji TV.

In the sneak peek trailer that was released for Episode 15 as a preview for what we can expect, Goku is seen telling his wife, Chi-Chi that he wants to go and train. But, Chi-Chi is adamant that he should not, since she does not want to be alone as a granddaughter will be born soon.

The scene changes to the entry of Hercule Satan. The landing of a huge space ship scares the inhabitants. Mr. Satan's character seems to add humour into the episode.

Apart from this, Goku is seen confronting with a new enemy who is ready for combat though he does not understand. There is also another bat-like creature that challenges Goku and he is seen telling this weird creature that he will have to show the power of Super Saiyan God.