Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super receives plot summaries for episode 24 and 25.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, the popular anime TV show that airs on the Japanese Fuji TV, has revealed some new information on what is likely to be a new Team Beerus-Team Champa face off.

This information comes from Saiyan Island who revealed via the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga.

The report reveals new teams being formed for Super Dragon Balls, Universe 7 vs. Universe 6. A team will have five fighters each, thus there will be 10 fighters in total if we combine both the sides.

Team Beerus will consist of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu and a mysterious pink fighter. The pink fighter has been reported to be the strongest fighter that Beerus has battled against.

Team Champa include fighters like Frieza, Cooler, a potential Saiyan, robot-like fighter, a yellow bear.

The report noted that it is not yet known what names these new fighters on Champa's side have or the names of the actual races.

Episode 24 and 25 summaries released

Dragon Ball, the anime TV show from Toei Animation, where the last episode episode 23 that was released on 13 December. We know that the next episode 24 will see Goku taking on Frieza.

Attack of the Fanboy has revealed the plot summaries of the upcoming episode 24 and episode 25.

It was noted that there will be no show on 3 December as the series is taking a break for New Year. However, it will be back in January. The break will be only for one week.

The report revealed that episode 24, called "Shock! Goku vs Frieza, is the result of my training", will be airing on 20 December. It details the summary as, "The inevitable battle between Goku and Frieza has finally begun. Their duel is only escalation shots without anyone taking over, but Frieza uses an unexpected attack."

The title for episode 25 has not been revealed yet, but it has been scheduled to be aired on 27 December. The plot summary for the episode is, "Goku Super Saiyan God surpasses and triggers a new transformation. Frieza also reveals this trump card."

Apart from this, we also know that episode 26 will be aired on 10 January, 2016.