Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super released its most recent episode 21 on Fuji TV.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, the popular animated TV series from Toei Animation aired Episode 21, titled "The Revenge Begins! The Vicious Frieza Army Attack Gohan!" on Fuji TV on 29 November.

This episode is a repeat of the Resurrection F saga. And in Episode 21 review, Attack of the Fanboy notes that the series takes a different course from what we have seen in the movie.

We see Whis teleporting his trainees Vegeta and Goku to a new place that will help them unlock quicker, and it is believed fans could find answers at this place on how they reach Super Saiyan Blue form.

Frieza takes a ruthless decision to kill Krillin as he thinks it will draw first blood with Goku without even attacking him. But Krillin holds on. However, we see Gohan being out of action as he lands up with a blast, but is saved by Piccolo.

So, fans will be treated to animated fighting scenes but without Goku or Vegeta in action yet.

Next week, the series will release its Episode 22 titled "Change! Impossible Resurrection! The Name is Ginyu!!", and the production studio released its video preview where Captain Ginyu is resurrected. The last time he was seen was in a frog form. In fact, Episode 21 shows Ginyu frog at the end. It may be noted that Ginyu was not part of the Resurrection F movie.

The Episode 22 preview reveals Gohan saying Tagoma, Sorbet's elite soldier, is different from the rest of the enemies and wonders if his hidden powers can beat him, but realises the enemy in question has higher power.

But the preview also shows Tagoma getting some beating. We will see in Episode 22 on 6 December the full details of his exploits.