Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super was released on 5 July on Fuji TV.Twitter

Fans of Dragon Ball Super -- anime TV series airing on Japan's Fuji TV -- often wait to see some action from Goku, who we know has been in training. And episode 5 titled, "A Battle On Kai's Planet: Goku vs God of Destruction Beerus" contains action sequences after four episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

The first impressions of Episode 5 below contain spoilers and Dragon Ball fans who haven't watched the series yet, might not want to go through it. 

In Episode 4, we had seen Beerus and Whis landing in King Kai's planet as they search for "Super Saiyan God" to fight with. But King Kai hides Goku in his house to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. 

Moving to Episode 5, we see that Goku is hiding in King Kai's house but is curious to know what is happening outside it and hence is doing some peeking. This scene outside excites Goku and he has to be placated

The job of calming Goku down is given to Gregory, the butler of King Kai. Attack of the Fanboy reports that there are some "funny moments" between the two with Goku peeking out and Gregory calming him down.

Now the onus of keeping Beerus distracted falls on King Kai, who even introduces Bubbles sending a message that they are the only ones in the planet. However, Beerus is not convinced. He curtly tells that he knows of a Saiyan hiding in the planet.

King Kai then decides to summon Goku, who comes out in his usual style, but is given a tap on the head by King Kai.

While all the three are seen talking with Beerus explaining about his search of the "Super Saiyan God," King Kai and Goku maintain that they are innocent.

Goku, as is his nature, is curious and wants to fight Beerus, but King Kai stalls him. But he cannot stop Goku who is hell bent on a fight.

This leads up to Goku firing up himself to Super Saiyan, but he is unable to hit Beerus. Beerus is not amused, and is even seen yawning at such an underpowered fight. This all goes to show the weakness of Goku at this moment. 

Next, we see Goku powering himself to Super Saiyan 2, but it is of no use, as Beerus is seen dodging all his attacks. Though Goku has initial thoughts of using the Kamehameha Wave, he refrains from it. Goku has not even landed one clear hit on Beerus and this forces him to power up to Super Saiyan 3.

Following a break, we return to the fight where we see Goku and Beerus having a chat and Goku then attacks Beerus. But this time he doesn't dodge himself and instead indulges in blocking off Goku's attacks.

Goku is unable to land a blow even with Super Saiyan 3, and this frustrates him. He eventually uses the Kamehameha wave on Beerus, who smoothly blocks it showing off how feeble it was to him.

Beerus even taunts Goku questioning him if it was the same person who was responsible for Frieza's defeat.

The fight between the two of them has had adversely affected King Kai's planet. The effect is doubled when Goku uses the Kamehameha.

At this moment, we see Beerus resolving to end the meek fight with Goku. He heads towards Goku and with a flick on the head knocks him to the ground. This knock transforms Goku back to his original form.

Next we see Beerus and Whis saying that they will head to Earth and are off their way. King Kai is now seen worrying about Goku's friends on Earth.

After this, the scene is shifted back to Bulma's birthday party on the cruise ship. We see Vegeta relaxing on the lounge chair on the ship but Bulma yells at him, as you can expect this from her.

King Kai contacts Vegeta and warns him of Beerus and Whis heading to Earth. Kai also mentions that Goku was defeated at their hands and him being the "last line of defence."

The episode concludes with the images of Goku getting up from the ground following Beerus' knockout punch. Goku makes a mental note of working out a way to see Beerus defeated.

After four episodes, we finally see Goku in a fight. The report states that this fight was an expansion of the fight between Goku and Beerus from the "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" movie. We also get to see Goku powering up progressively instead of powering up directly to Super Saiyan 3.

Episode 6 Preview Trailer out

The episode 6 -- "God of Destruction Beerus and the Birthday Party" -- preview shows Beerus and Whis landing on the luxury cruise ship, and Beerus is seen trying out all kinds of food from the party but is slapped by Yamcha on the back. We also see Goku practising harder to defeat Beerus.

Check out the preview video below: