Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super aired Episode 24 on Fuji TV.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, the popular anime TV show that airs exclusively on the Japanese Fuji TV, recently aired episode 24 titled, "The Clash! Freeza vs Son Goku! This is the Result of My Training!"

Episode 24 deals with Goku coming back to Earth to defeat Frieza's forces following an SOS from Bulma to Whis, under whom both Goku and Vegeta were training.

In its review, Attack of the Fanboy mentions how the fight between Goku and Frieza starts at a base form where Frieza's cruelty comes to the fore. He is seen attacking Gohan and Krillin, knowing that Goku loves them. Goku has to come to the rescue every time Frieza does this.

There was also a scene that showed how Frieza attacks Bulma and Vegeta comes to her rescue, Goku had been knocked down by Frieza and hence, he was unable to come to help her.

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Vegeta is seen sarcastically clapping for Frieza as he believes Goku is not taking the fight seriously. This eventually leads to Goku transforming into a new Super Saiyan Blue form, but we will have to see what effect it has on Frieza in the next episode, since the episode 24 ended with this scene.

Toei Animation, the studio behind Dragon Ball Super, has revealed that preview of episode 25 titled, "An All-Out Battle! The Vengeful Golden Frieza". This episode is expected to see more action than episode 24.

It shows how Goku's transformation into Super Saiyan Blue form angers Frieza and thus leads to him taking the Golden Frieza form. There is also a funny scene that shows Jaco taking a picture of Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

We see both of them launching some powerful energy blasts to thwart each other's attack. Frieza, we also see the Frieza's anger simmering to new heights as Goku attacks.

Fans must note that after episode 25 that will be aired on 27 December, episode 26 will not be aired on 3 January on account of the Holiday, but instead it will be aired on 10 January, 2016.