Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super episode 23 revealed a shocking incident for Dragon Ball fans.Twitter

Dragon Ball Super, the popular anime TV show from Toei Animation, recently aired episode 23 titled, "Earth! Gohan! A Desperate Situation! Hurry back Son Goku!"

Many of the things that were featured in Dragon Ball Super's episode 23 have not been seen anywhere especially not in its Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F movie, according to a review in Attack of the Fanboy.

One of the members of the Z Fighters, Piccolo, unfortunately breathes his last. He does not survive the laser blast which he had taken in episode 22. He had literally saved Gohan after taking this blast from Frieza, even though it was believed then that Piccolo had survived.

Bulma makes sure that the news of Frieza on Earth reaches Goku and Vegeta. So she calls up Whis and informs him about the situation on Earth and Piccolo's death. In between all this, there is also a funny scene that sees Beerus chasing Goku and Vegeta for finishing off all the pizzas.

We see Goku being unable to use his Instant Transmission, as he has to find a powerful 'Ki' before he can use this ability.

Gohan tries to help in and while he powers up, Goku can sense his Ki and uses Instant Transmission to come to Earth to face Frieza.

As Frieza readies his death ray to kill Gohan, Goku comes to the rescue and deflects it easily. Namekian dragon balls are the only solution to review Piccolo, it was revealed. Trunks and Goten are also asked to leave the fight and tend to Piccolo.

Ginyu wants to take on Goku and Vegeta but he is disposed off by Vegeta in an easy manner. The episode ends with Goku and Vegeta powering up to their base form.

Toei Animation has also released a sneak peek of episode 24, "The Clash! Freeza vs Son Goku! This is the Result of My Training!" where it seen that though Goku believes Frieza is powerful and is no match for his Super Saiyan Blue, which we can have a glimpse of in the video below. Vegeta and Goku are irritated with the blatant display of power by Frieza.

The next episode of the series will be aired on the Japanese Fuji TV on 20 December.