Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition was released on 18 November, 2014dragonage.com

It goes without saying that players have thoroughly enjoyed playing Dragon Age: Inquisition from BioWare. This game is the third in the Dragon Age series and an important release for the company too, eliciting its expertise in making fan-loving action RPGs.

A player has found hidden message inside Dragon Age: Inquisition game that thanks to Kotaku, are speculating the message teases BioWare's next title.

(SPOILER ALERT: Players who have not played What Pride Had Wrought mission in Inquisition should abstain from reading this).

In the Temple of Mythal level, players will be asked to drink from the Well of Sorrows. And the talk with the well will grant them the Elven knowledge that is hidden in the well. Though initially it is not clear what it says, when deciphered it is clear what it is saying.

YouTuber Geek Remix uses Backmasking recording technique, where the message or sound is recorded in a backward fashion but is to be played forward.

The message from the audio says, "She speaks...she's fallen...go to him...the calling, the calling." Some Reddit members have tried to add words in the blanks, it reads, "She speaks the truth. She's fallen, lost, go to the altar, Mythal and Solas calling from behind."

But one thing that is clear are the words: She's fallen, the calling, the calling. Kotaku reports that in Inquisition, players do not see the Hero of Ferelden. We know that the goes to the west, according to Morrigan's words. It connects The Calling to The Joining.

If anyone has to join the Grey Wardens, they have to pass a test or ritual and not everyone passes. But if they do they become "immune to taint." After living sometime as Grey Warden, they start to hear things. These are the same things that darkspawn hears when it is called by archdemon. The Calling is what no Warden can avoid, and many go to the Deep Roads to fight and die, this is before the Calling "fully takes them."

It is not clear if The Calling is the "fact of life for Wardens" and that is why they exist, looking for an answer to reverse it though this mystery has not been resolved, players have speculated that this calling in the Temple of Mythal is telling us about the upcoming DLCs or next game.

Kotaku says, "We're going to find out whether or not The Hero of Ferelden was successful in finding something that reverses The Calling," it adds, "It's just a theory, that much is true."

It also says that the order of Grey Warden is left in chaos after the events in Inquisition. Now since Grey Wardens are the only people who can stop the blight, so this means that the upcoming DLCs or next game might as well explore the order if it does not explore the Hero of Ferelden.

(YouTube Courtesy: Geek Remix)

Discounted Sale Announced

Interested gamers can now buy Dragon Age: Inquisition's PC version for a lesser discounted price. A new sale on Origin has slashed the prices of the games drastically. Dragon Age: Inquisition is being offered at $39.99. The Dragon Age: Inquisition Digital Deluxe is being offered at $46.66.

This sale is part of the Winter Sale following the one from Steam sale.