Dr. Kenechukwu Nnamani
Dr. Kenechukwu Nnamani

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely hit all kinds of businesses around the world. Due to the impact, many big and small companies are downsizing themselves. At these difficult times when all sectors are experiencing severity, some people are coming forward to provide the required help. One such person is Dr. Kenechukwu Nnamani. Who is he? And how is he helping and contributing to the world in the times of Covid-19 through his various efforts? Let us talk about it in detail below.

Dr. Kenechukwu Nnamani is the billionaire chairman and CEO of KNAMSCHE-VAS (KVAS) Group. The group owns several subsidiary companies in construction, oil and gas, education, and agro-exports. The offices of the KVAS Group are located in China, Senegal, and Nigeria.

He knows that agriculture is important for any nation. The food supply chain depends on agriculture for smooth functioning. In this pandemic, the production and supply of food are essential. So, he suggests investment in agriculture, the most essential sector for any country. He plans to do so to improve food security between various African and Asian countries.

Born in Enugu, Nigeria, Kenechukwu has been involved with government and non-government organizations around the world. He is the former president of the International Medical Society for Academic and Research. He currently partners with various organizations to promote the agro-export and empower agriculture as a whole. With the KVAS Group, he helps farmers to find agro off-takers to improve their productions.

Dr. Kenechukwu is known for advising African non-government organizations on economic transformation to survive and fight with this pandemic. Through the partnership with the President of the Chamber of Commerce, he enhances the agro-export in Senegal and various other parts of Africa.

During these dark times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenechukwu has been playing an active role in providing the government with various resources. He has played a role in remodeling the medical sector in the African region. Under the KVAS Group, he oversees multiple subsidiaries in China and Nigeria related to oil and gas, agriculture, food processing, and construction. Not only he employs professionals, but he also empowers them to become progressive and independent.

Kenechukwu started his entrepreneurial journey with his Chinese counterparts in international business and exports. He then ventured into oil and gas, particularly in the LPG sector. In the LPG business, he promotes green energy and encourages the use of LPG-powered vehicles and industries. With his continuous efforts, he is developing the agriculture sector across Nigeria and China.

He believes that investing in agriculture will save grace to improve the deteriorating reserve during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. He also sensitizes young entrepreneurs and encourages them for self-development.

Dr. Kenechukwu Nnamani hails from a humble family of Hon Sunday Nnamani who was a former caretaker Mayor of the local government. His wealth of connection has propelled him to foster in different political gatherings.

All kinds of businesses, whether big or small, private or public, have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. The lockdown in most parts of the world has also led to slow cash flow. Various economic and business activities have been temporarily or permanently stopped.

But due to various contributions from people like Dr. Nnamani, thousands of people have been getting the benefits indirectly. No matter how severe the global situation is, Dr. Nnamani has always been sensitive about the economic slowdown in agriculture. He advocates various actions to curb the impact of the pandemic in agro-exports through investment. This will not only improve the food sector, but it will also promote food security between African and Asian countries.